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When everyone was forced to work from home during the first Coronavirus lockdown in England, air pollution in London decreased by up to 50%, and seismic noise decreased by up to 50% across the UK. Global greenhouse gas emissions dropped dramatically, international air travel was cut in half, and road traffic decreased by more than 70%. We all had the opportunity to briefly see what the streets and the air would be like if we all committed to making changes for the better.

The claim that 100 firms are accountable for 71% of world emissions may be accurate. However, 2020 demonstrated that when we alter our behavior, we may directly and immediately impact the ecosystem. If we genuinely care about the pure air, clear waters, and quiet streets, we need to start taking personal responsibility for our decisions and changing the way we live—starting with a few resolutions.

Environmentally friendly goals for 2023

Discover Your Impact

Sometimes it seems like the wisest course of action to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the climate catastrophe because it is so incredibly complicated. However, it becomes simpler to make choices that have a good effect the more we are aware about a subject. Simplify your strategy if you’re feeling overwhelmed by information or perplexed by what you’ve read. Decide which subjects are most important to you and concentrate on learning about them first. We are better prepared to make future decisions that are more environmentally responsible when we have a deeper understanding of particular environmental challenges.

Consider Low Waste Swaps

It may be difficult, impossible, and terribly dull to reduce our trash. But it’s not necessary to be. Simple solutions include doing nothing at all. Making small, gradual modifications to your daily routine to reduce waste is the first step in adopting a low-waste lifestyle. Make a commitment to make one sustainable change every month that will help you live more sustainably, minimize trash, or avoid using plastic. Some switches, such as giving up fast fashion or eating just plants, are more difficult to maintain than others. Just keep in mind that perfection is not required. You may start by reading our zero waste beginner’s guide.

Encourage Change

There are many various methods you might promote change, all of which are worthwhile, but some are more effective than others. By sharing your eco-friendly practices, plastic-free substitutions, and preferred low-waste items, you may inspire others to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Self-advocacy for change begins with you and expands from there. Share your expertise, insights, and ideas through your social media accounts and regular conversations. Being an activist will enable you to educate people on the impact of their decisions.

Decrease waste

The majority of trash produced worldwide, or close to 50%, comprises food. 60% of the 10 million tonnes of food and beverage waste in the UK each year might be prevented. Composting helps to handle the remaining food waste, and a few simple actions may decrease personal food waste. Simply purchasing less, thrifting more, and using up what you currently have helps decrease other waste. Consider purchasing used before new, create a capsule wardrobe, and steer clear of disposables if feasible. Visit the archives for additional details on waste reduction.

Give Nature More Care

Start helping your local animals more if you want a resolution that makes you feel good and has both immediate and lasting effects. The development of farming and climate change are contributing to the extinction of thousands of animal and plant species in the UK. Providing local animals with supplies and protection, whether in your yard, on your balcony, or from your windowsill, may have a direct beneficial influence in addition to switching to a plant-based diet, which is the most efficient approach to lessen your impact on the environment. Build nesting boxes for birds or hedgehogs, plant flowers to attract pollinators, and provide food for other creatures. Picking up garbage when you see it is another simple approach to supporting the animals in your neighborhood.

2023 Sustainable Tips – Green & Garderning  
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