Strategy To Go Zero Waste For Family

It is already a well-known fact that by 2050, which is just 30 years away, there will be more plastic in our seas than fish.

You undoubtedly feel compelled to assist after reading this statement, aren’t you right?

Can you really be a zero waste family? You probably already know in your heart that you want to improve things and that you want to do better for the environment.

Going as close to zero trash as possible can be the solution for you!

Many individuals believe that reaching zero waste is impossible or unachievable. Making such a shift on your alone would be challenging, so how are you going to manage it for your complete family?

If you can’t do anything perfectly, you may even question if it’s worth trying at all. Although Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home is an inspiration, is living a completely waste-free existence really feasible? How on earth did they manage to accommodate a family of four? I for one am not acting in her manner!

Are any of these ideas going through your brain right now? You could be considering quitting up before you even get started!

I’m here to urge you not to give up. You don’t have to be perfect.

In fact, I’m here to explain that it’s OK to practice zero waste poorly.


You may have started your investigation into a zero waste lifestyle by browsing Pinterest or Google for ideas on how to move your family to a zero waste way of life.

Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed by all the lovely zero waste graphics and green goods that appear out of your price range.

Or maybe you’ve read about families or individuals who are completely waste-free and you’re thinking to yourself that you’ll never be able to be as waste-free as they are.

The good news is… You don’t need to be flawless!

The goal of the zero waste movement is not perfection. The majority of us who strive to live waste-free lives are far from ideal. Inasmuch as my family and I are not ideal zero wasters.

In fact, I take pride in my flawed zero waste status.

I’m glad that I care so much about the future of our world and the environment that I try to reduce trash as much as I can every day.

You may follow suit! Concentrate on advancing rather than being perfect. Can you alter one aspect of your behavior today to produce less waste? One item only! Start there and concentrate on advancing over time.

Our world and earth would be far better off if everyone could be imperfectly zero waste.


Being partially waste-free sounds more doable and attainable, don’t you think? You may allow yourself to be faulty and imperfect on this road right now.

So instead of concentrating on immediately getting rid of all your garbage, concentrate on the adjustments that are the easiest for you to implement.

Can you give up using plastic straws for one usage only? Most likely, this was the first modification our family made to our house. We used to use six disposable plastic straws every day on average.

I went online to Amazon in October 2018 and purchased a box of 12 silicone straws for $7.95 instead of purchasing 100 disposable straws at the grocery store for $0.99 to $1.99, which would generally last our family for approximately 16 days. Since then, I have never needed to purchase straws again. They are now used twice a day for our daughters, washed, and then reused the following day.

Our family made a straightforward, effortless switch to zero waste. But altogether, it has a significant impact. Over the course of a year, we prevented around 2,190 straws from ending up in landfills or the ocean, and we also made financial savings!

This makes a significant impact since plastic, throwaway straws destroy marine life in the seas and cannot be recycled. I suggest reading more at For A Strawless Ocean to discover more.

Are you consuming stop-sucking content?

Which zero-waste change would be the simplest for you to implement first? Please keep in mind that although I have some advice for you to think about, you should also consider what will work best for you and your family.


TIPS #1. Repurpose and reuse.

You are already far on your way to becoming nearly zero waste when you adopt a green attitude and concentrate on reusing and repurposing.

Start considering how you may utilize objects in your home that might normally go in the garbage or recycle again. Since 91% of all plastic ever created has not been recycled, the more we can keep out of the garbage, the better, according to the Loney Whale.

For instance, you might make a custom earphones case out of the plastic mint container rather than recycling it, which may not happen in the end.

Additionally, aim to purchase reusable things rather than single-use or disposable ones when shopping for new home items, for instance. The more often you can accomplish this, the more trash you can reduce.

For instance, stop using single-use plastic water bottles going forward and invest in a high-quality glass or stainless steel water bottle. A quick and inexpensive zero-swap can save hundreds of water bottles from ending up in landfills or, worse, the seas.

TIPS #2 Buy in bulk

The Covid-19 epidemic, which is still going strong as of the time of writing this essay, has had a negative impact on the zero waste movement. Many supermarkets and other retailers have temporarily outlawed the use of reusable containers, including reusable shopping bags, by consumers who want to purchase goods in bulk.

Many zero wasters are now pondering if they should simply skip the bulk part completely for the time being despite the fact that the objective is to stop the spread of the virus (and public health definitely comes first). If you can’t bring your own container and must use a throwaway plastic bag in its place, is it worth it?

Even when something is packed in plastic and you can purchase it in bulk, you can still cut down on waste.

Again, this isn’t entirely zero waste, but by buying in bulk, you instantly cut down on the total quantity of plastic packaging.

Therefore, get the biggest quantity of snacks you can and package them yourself in reusable snack containers rather than purchasing individually wrapped snacks from Costco. This will result in far less packing waste for you.

Is it flawless, or no? However, it is preferable than the alternative.

You’ll drastically reduce your home trash if you begin using these near zero waste tips when you shop! What if we could all implement these little changes?

TIPS 3. Make low-waste substitutions

1. Buy utilized

Buy used as often as you can! It decreases the need to produce new things and prevents others’ perfectly fine stuff from going to waste.

2. Utilizable Towels

Instead of using paper towels to mop up spills, use reusable towels. Even if you purchase brand-new towels for cleaning, reusable items are always preferable to disposable ones since they need less plastic packing. Paper towels often come in a lot of plastic packaging.

3. Sprayers made of recycled glass

Utilizing glass spray bottles, you may create certain cleaning solutions on your own. To reduce the waste from conventional cleaning chemicals, look into the recipe for a DIY lemon vinegar cleaner as well as other all-natural cleaning advice.

4. Washing machine brushes

Plastic sponges are single-use items that cannot be recycled. Replace yours with a plastic-free dishbrush or one of these alternative sponge replacements that produce zero waste.

5. Container diving

Although it’s possible that you shouldn’t truly go trash diving, sometimes you may unearth treasures abandoned on the curbside. Sometimes one person’s garbage is another person’s gold! This is how we acquired one of our kids’ bicycles. We also saved money since it was in excellent condition.

6. Polythene Bags

I am now unable to use my reusable shopping bags because of the Covid-19 outbreak, thus I am regrettably bringing a lot of plastic supermarket bags home. I intend to recycle the plastic bags at the grocery store drop-off, but you could also use the bags in other ways, including as little trash can liners, plastic yarn, or “plarn,” or even to build a basket.

7. Herb Planters Made of Compost

I’m always searching for methods to make less trash. I seized the opportunity to purchase my herbs as soon as I saw them available in biodegradable, plantable pots. A lot less garbage is produced when alternatives like these are chosen over typical plastic containers!

8. Eco-friendly coffee pods

Although it is a goal for this summer, our family has not yet started composting in the backyard. Instead, I compost in a less traditional method.

Since I’ve owned a Keurig coffee maker for a while, I’ve come to understand how awful it is to regularly put the disposable K-cups in the garbage. I was intrigued when I discovered a brand-new substitute called Tayst coffee pods and saw that they feature a “Down to Earth” Compost Return Kit. Additionally, they provide excellent coffee that has a conscience.

9. Fabric pads

Use reusable feminine napkins and other feminine goods to save waste and safeguard your health. Additionally, you’ll prevent your body from being exposed to any of those dangerous poisons.

10. WC paper that is entirely recycled

Many members of the zero waste movement utilize reusable cloth wipes like family cloth, which is a zero waste alternative to toilet paper. Although I had this as a family goal, my kids and spouse weren’t quite on board with it yet. Instead, we chose Who Gives A Crap’s 100% recyclable toilet paper. It is created without the use of plastic and without the destruction of any new trees!


Keep in mind that every tiny action you take to decrease your trash has a big impact on the earth and the environment. The good news is that you can let go of the pressure of having to do it all “right” and instead get closer to your objectives by being an imperfectly zero waste family.

We don’t need a small group of experts practicing zero waste, according to Anne Marie Bonneau, the Zero-Waste Chef. Millions of inadequately performing individuals are necessary.

Be one of the millions attempting to eliminate waste inadvertently!

Strategy To Go Zero Waste For Family  
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