Advice for a Waste-Free Road Trip

This blog mostly focuses on experiences I have had. Recently, people have asked me a number of questions on topics like road trips, living on the road, and house improvements that I am not very knowledgeable about.

These are all fantastic questions that must be answered! I like using my imagination, thinking creatively, and stepping beyond of my immediate environment. Who, after all, spends their life precisely as I do? Most likely nobody.

Moving to California four years ago was the closest thing I’ve ever been to a road trip. Even then, getting there was the main concern. Fun is not allowed. We traveled nonstop for a day. We spent two nights in a motel before making the 8-hour drive to Suisun City, where we were going to stay. Glamorous.

Since we were relocating and were unemployed, we had little money to spend. I believe I have mostly forgotten about the trip. Let’s pretend for a moment that I were about to go on a road trip. What would I pack?

1. Snacks: 

Your ally is the cooler. My first passion is snacks, and let me tell you that the cuisine at the gas station is delicious. Despite being unhealthy and producing a lot of garbage, it is nonetheless alluring.

Make sure you have a packed cooler for those times when you’ve been travelling for hours, are ravenous, and all you want is to tuck into something sweet or salty.

Additionally, make sure your snacks don’t need refrigeration at all times. Although a cooler will keep everything cold, it’s important to have filling food that can last for a few days. What would be in my cooler is as follows.

I can always prepare a PB&J or PB&banana sandwich for myself if everything else fails. Peanut butter on apples makes for a really substantial snack. Add some chocolate chips if you want. To sate your sweet desire, combine the peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Snacks that don’t need refrigeration include…

Roasted Chickpeas




These products are incredibly gratifying and are conveniently available from bulk bins. A delicious and quick breakfast option is oatmeal. You may fulfill your need for salty and crispy food with roasted chickpeas.

2. Toiletry items:

You are not subject to the same liquid limitations while traveling by driving as you are when flying. However, you most likely don’t want to carry about a whole bottle of shampoo. I would continue to pour my body wash and shampoo into my own travel containers.

I always have some concerns about the body care items motels have. What if I have a response, after all? When it occurred, I wouldn’t want to be on vacation. Just stay with what I know, please.

I use Plaine Products, and I love their adorable metal travel sizes!

Use the motels if you do forget your soap and shampoo. Just be sure to pack the extras so you can utilize them on your next trip. Don’t squander it if you open it!

I also discovered something while on my honeymoon. Bring a little bottle of dish soap as well. You may wash your reusable containers* at the hotel in this manner. Dr. Bronners* is my preferred travel companion since it can be used for anything!

I should wash some underwear, says Dr. B. You should cleanse your body, says Dr. B. Dr. B, you need to wash your dishes! The versatile travel item that everyone needs.

3. Food: 

Sometimes, all you need is a hearty, delectable supper. Fast food, fast food, and more fast food are common while you’re traveling. This calls for packing, trash, and even more packaging.

Find a sit-down restaurant first. maybe go to a diner? Typically serving meals on actual plates, they are open late. I would certainly stop at a Waffle House if I were still in the South. I love waffles.

No eat-in or sit-down establishments nearby? Subway is my favorite fast food establishment. Since GZW, I’ve dined there a few times. Did you know they even have a “Please Compost” sign on their paper sandwich wraps? You now know what that implies—the cookie sleeves are also biodegradable.

I can easily fulfill my need for a hot dinner with a toasty, loaded vegetable sub. Just be careful to specify that you want the sandwich only—not the plastic bag or the napkins. Is that correct? You have a stack of textile ones in the vehicle.

Not a subway? There are a number of self-serve facilities at gas stations. like a case of hot dogs, doughnuts, or other things. These delicacies are simple to pick up with tongs and put in your own containers.

Be aware of what comes in paper if you do find yourself at another fast food restaurant. Many items do, including Taco Bell burritos and Wendy’s hamburgers. All of that paper may be composted.

Carrying your own cup is the greatest way to save unnecessary plastic waste. The majority of fast food establishments are really strict about you carrying your own meal container. (Asking doesn’t harm, but not all are.) However, beverages are not an issue, particularly if the ounces are properly labelled.

Additionally, petrol stations’ drinking fountains must to let you fill up your own cup with beverages. Fill your reusable bottle using the ounces indicated on the cups. Everything should be alright as long as you tell the clerk how many ounces are in your cup!

Go without a top and a straw if they object to you using your own cup for whatever reason.

4. Compost: 

Whether it’s a subway wrapper, an apple core, or a banana peel. Keep a compact, well sealed container in your vehicle to collect food leftovers for composting later on.

Make sure it has a tight seal if it will be left in your heated vehicle for a few days, and you may want to place it in the trunk. You may always bury it in a rest area if all else fails.

Also keep an eye out for composting alternatives, including those provided by the city or by nearby farms, garden clubs, grocers, or grocery shops.

5. Be ready: 

Make sure you have a set of reusable containers, a reusable water bottle, cloth napkins, and anything else you may need. A reusable bag* would probably be a good idea to provide as well.

Fortunately, you’re in control of the vehicle. All of this can fit in a cute small pack that you can keep in your trunk. Because it is so strong and almost as light as plastic, stainless steel is a material I prefer. It won’t break, so you don’t have to worry.

6. Take use of technology: 

You can hunt for sites to compost, identify eateries that utilize actual plates, and even locate supermarket shops that have bulk bins using your phone.

Check out Google or Yelp for a few minutes to see if you can locate any waste-free options.

7. Offsets: 

An excellent approach to make your vacation a bit more environmentally responsible is to buy offsets.

Although it’s ideal for traveling less, it’s not always practical.

Advice for a Waste-Free Road Trip  
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