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We are doing our part to keep our employees workin

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We are doing our part to keep our employees working even though the County has a #stopwork order in place. My raised beds were both sinking into the ground and buried by the newish stepping stones and gravel pathway. Another foot of board has been added to all the beds. The only issue is that the perennials and winter veggies are still going strong so we couldn’t bury them with new soil. For now it’s a mishmash of high and low. Yesterday I planted all the pollinator flowers in the two beds that held roses, gladiolas and amaryllis. Now zinnias, calendula, hollyhocks, cosmos, poppies abound all planted from #seedswaps and @florally_fixated Yesterday a Swallowtail visited the garden while I was busy planting and I watched her lay eggs on the fennel but I couldn’t find them. I did find a tiny cat and put her into the enclosure with the other one I found last week. I have lots more fennel this year so I’m hoping to have enough foliage to feed the masses. Fava beans keep coming from the grow bags on the upper decks. I harvested all the celery but one and donated the tops to our employee so he would have fresh food for his guinea pigs. The rest I dehydrated and turned into a celery salt. I discovered that the celery seed you buy in those expensive little jars is actually seed from a wild celery. Need to find out more on that subject. Today, about 48 tomato plants go in!! I better get to it. Byeeeeeee!


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